13 Tips for Financial Success – How to get Financial Intelligence

1.- Wealth is defined not only in money but also in time.

Money does not make happiness, what money does is buy me time to do what one likes and pay others to do what that one does not like to do.

2.-Start by learning about Financial Intelligence

Start studying about Assets, Liabilities, Income, How to generate income, How to learn to transform the Savings in Investment

The main causes of financial difficulties are Fear of Ignorance. Self-inflicted fears and ignorance keep people trapped.

3.- Build your own business.

You must learn to build your own business, that you like to work, that you are passionate about doing, that you create constant cash flow.

You can start and invest in other assets.

Your business should revolve around and around your asset column and not your revenue column.

4.- Learn about Creativity and Innovation:

Creativity is to generate new ideas, products and services. Innovation is putting everything in the market and the market accepts it and buys it.

There is nothing more harmful as someone who keeps thinking about old ideas.

If you want to have abundance and wealth you need to have an open mind, a flexible reality.

And have the skills to become new Ideas in real and profitable companies.

5.- Create a product that you sell in a special market. Create and get special customers.

That this product generates constant cash flow.

And then create more products like this in this way.

You must learn how to market your product and how to sell it and how to sell it every day.

6.- Learn to run Calculated Risks.

People who are at risk change the world.

Few people become rich without taking risks.

The winners are not afraid to lose.

Failure is part of the success process. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

7.- Learn to Create your own Cash Flow

By learning how to invest to create cash flow one can become a financially free person.

One becomes what one studies.

8.- Learn to manage your own Active-Passive Relationship

An Asset is something that puts money in your pocket.

A liability is something that draws money out of your pocket.

If you want to be rich, spend your life building assets. And Assets increasingly productive.

9.- Learn to obtain Assets. And Learn how to transform liabilities into assets.

Learn how to invest: it is the science of how money generates money.

It is also not how much to earn but how much you keep and how much you multiply.

We must learn to transform assets into liabilities; and Learning to transform non-productive assets into productive or more productive assets.

10.- The Digital Age of Information, of the Internet of things and of Artificial Intelligence arrived

The expectation of financial security that was the responsibility of companies and governments belong to the Industrial era. No more.

Now financial security depends on you, your assets that generate income and not expenses, your investments and your financial intelligence.

You must learn how to sell your products in the digital age, of marketing and digital advertising, in the new communication and distribution channels and social networks.

You must learn the new business models in the digital age and artificial intelligence.

11.- Learning. Work to learn and not just to earn money.

A person who is prepared will prosper regardless of which direction the economy is going, or when it changes.

The ability to sell is the basis of personal success.

True learning demands energy, passion, a fervent desire.

Passion is the combination of anger and love. These two things combined if you know how to use generate many rewards and profits.

12.- Learn to plan financially. Make a projection of Savings and Investments. Payments and Income. Learn to make your own budget.

Learn how to plan your payments and your tax payments.

13.- Use your Brain. Learn to Think and Manage your Brain; to Think Financially

Your Brain can be your most powerful Active or it can be your most powerful Passive.

Financial intelligence is linked to Emotional Intelligence, most people suffer financially because their emotions control their thoughts.

By not controlling emotions, expenses are not controlled, and impulsivity in expenses, impulsivity in bad investments and impulsivity in spending time, space and money are not controlled.

By controlling emotions – although you can never control them completely – but try as much as you can, economic and financial decisions will be controlled.

There is the key ¡¡¡

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