How to have more energy to do your work effectively

Energy is the efficacy, power and virtue to act, it is also the strength of will, vigor and tenacity in the activity. Vigor is the force or remarkable activity of animate or inanimate things. Being constant means persistent, durable. The constant energy is, then, the persistence or durability of power and vigor in the activity. Do things with remarkable strength.

In the field where this circumstance is best observed is in the military life, it is taught that the people who exercise this activity must be energetic, and, the remarkable presence of vigor and strength in the realization of things is rewarded, with the prize called “Military Spirit”.

When a soldier squats in front of some superior, he must do it vigorously, because the energy must be constant. Of course, in these institutions there are doctors who periodically review the health of the enlisted, to prevent any disease that may diminish the effectiveness and the power to act in people, and may decrease the vigor and tenacity in the activity.

In civil life it is said that this or that person has a lot of vitality, when we talk about vitality, it is usually because the person is healthy and acts with efficacy, power and vigor; These people do not complain of fatigue and are always willing to go anywhere thanks to the strength and vigor of their body and their activity.

Now, does most people act with a military spirit and with strength, power and vigor in their activity? No, the majority of the population acts showing signs of fatigue, fatigue, discouragement, exhaustion, discomfort, weakening and talk about having the bones ground, no longer able to be, tired all the time, they say that it hurts even the soul and that they feel that fall apart.

When we say hello to a person and we ask him how he is and how he feels, this one usually answers that it is ok, but in many opportunities he answers I am exhausted. This I come exhausted means, that comes tired, exhausted and fatigued.

When the body does not show signs of fatigue or signs of fatigue, it is because oxidation or cellular respiration is working well, that is, the cells are decomposing the nutrients to provide the body’s energy. In these circumstances we can not be negligent in acting, or we are not right for that, but we are energetic and if we do not act with that military spirit at least we act with great vitality.

We already gave the example of the person who arrives exhausted, that same person in the act seeks to focus because he can not take it anymore, and feels depressed and frustrated, as if he had to come fleeing from a persecution, which tires both physically and in the mental because of the fear one has in these cases. We then have to search and find the causes of fatigue, and nothing better than consulting a specialist in the field to find the causes from a technical or scientific point of view.

Doctors, dieticians, chemical analysts, psychologists, and in general all specialists in physical and mental health. There we can find, through the corresponding exams that we are suffering from Hypothyroidism, which is low activity of the thyroid and that is common cause of fatigue. Constipation, which is the delay of the intestinal course and difficulty in its evacuation. Insomnia, which is the difficulty in falling asleep. Anemia that is the impoverishment of the blood, either by decrease in its total amount, as in the case of hemorrhages, or by diseases that reduce the amount of hemoglobin in the number of red blood cells, this disease brings weakness to exercise, headache and pallor of the skin, is usually due to insufficient iron.

There may be diseases that bring tiredness and in fact there should be; these that we have named are the most common in a population, but their diagnosis, that is, the nature of the patient’s disease through the study of its manifestations or symptoms and typifying it in the field of medical pathology; the prognosis, that is, the doctor’s opinion about the evolution of the disease and its foreseeable effects according to scientific knowledge and his experience in the field of professional practice; the choice of their treatment that is the choice of the method or the way to follow for the patient’s cure; and the execution of the treatment that is the factual realization of what the doctor has ordered to do, either by himself or by the paramedical personnel, such as nurses or other persons, are the exclusive responsibility of the doctor. We do not have to be self-medicating, much less be buying medicines that can aggravate our disease with unpredictable consequences.

It is better that the specialists diagnose us, predict us, choose the treatment and execute it, anyway the mental activity will help us to prosper in any disease that we may have, and if we are sick then we must show energy, to go to the doctor, to the hospital, the dispensary, the clinic or the clinic in order to listen quickly to what we have and collaborate in its treatment, otherwise we will be falling into a pessimism that can be suicidal.

But under normal conditions we seek to recover the constant energy that physical and mental health means, the great vitality that is spoken in our population, since we come to the world not to be sick, tired, exhausted and frustrated, but to be in harmony with the nature and express ourselves in soul, life and heart perfectly, and to be able to understand that the normal thing is to health and vitality, while the illness, whether of the body or of the mind, is part of the abnormal. If we manage to have a healthy body we will have a healthy mind, as the Romans said: Healthy body, healthy mind.

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