Creative Test of my current products

Creative Principles and its derivatives:

1.-Principle of Identity: one is identified with the created

Do my current products identify with what customers and current users want?

2.-Principle of Simplicity: originality and is understandable to the Soul; understand things in a simple way

Are my current products handled and used in a simple way and are they understandable to people?

3.-Principle of Giving Ideas: the ideas were achieved by experimentation or is Divine endowment

Were the current products and services achieved with our own ideas?

4.-Principle of Originality: the entity Created is Universal, not trite, nor Daily, is not insignificant

Are my products and services original and not insignificant?

5.-Principle of Unity: what is created is Unique, has Unity, is Indivisible

Are my current products unique and integral?

6.-Principle of Perception: the created connects with the perceptions of the people

Do my products like and connect with what people want?

7.-Principle of Analogy: the created has reference function, refers to something of reality

Are my current products related to the reality of something or someone today?

8.-Transformation Principle: the created comes from having transformed something; is conceived or conceived of something

Do my products come from the transformation of other entities or things, come from being begotten of something?

9.-Principle of Observation: the created determine qualities

Do current created products generate new qualities?

10.-Principle of Experimentation: what is created is viable and experienced

What I am creating in terms of new products and services are viable and have been tested in the market?

11.-Principle of Constancy and Necessity: the idea or the created comes from the need for something or the succession of something

Do my current products connect with the need and desire of the current people?

12.-Principle of Logicity, Development or Order

Chronological: what is created comes from a chronological order of completion

What is currently created is understood as usability and use, has a logical order of understanding?

13.-Mutation Empirical Principle: the created thing comes in fact probabilistic or of a mutation

What created comes from a probabilistic fact?

14.-Principle of the Integral Nature of Human beings: in the created, passions and emotions are generated only or left to be chosen

Do my current products generate passions and emotions?

15.-Principle of Actuality: the created is possessor of Powers, Inspiring, guide of the present

Are my current products and services inspiring and guiding the present?

16.-Principle of Modernity and Empiricism of Andrés Bello: the entity created is Modern, recent with the new with the circumstances

Are my created products modern and empirical, are they tested very well in reality?

17.-About the Single Fixation of Attention: the created entity fixes the attention immediately, in a living way and in an instant

Do my current products attract attention immediately?

18.-Dominant Principle of a Pattern or Idea: manages the created entity to be dominant

Do my products dominate the market, do they have dominance patterns in the market?

19.-Principle of Conceptualization: the entity created refers to something similar to some Concept

Do my current and future products refer to some concept or conceptualization of something?

20.-Principle of Necessity: the created entity fills a need

Do my current or future products fill needs?

21.-Principle of Volition: the created entity drives and motivates us to something

Do my current products motivate us, drive us to something?

22.-Aesthetic Principle- Beauty Attributes: the entity created has the attributes of beauty: purity, proportion, simplicity, etc.

Do my created products have beauty attributes?

Do my current products and services maintain beauty attributes?

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