How to generate a creative briefing

Used to create whatever you want, used in many occasions by Creative Publicists of Image, Politics, Design, Fashion, Industrial and Graphic Design, the Film industry, among others.

1.- Creating a Great Briefing:

– Write down 3 or 4 ideas.

– Say which 2 you like or are semi-brilliant.

– Ask yourself questions regarding their validity.

– Write down other ideas relating to them.

– Take a break and a creative pause.

– Later write down other ideas.


– Dissect the brief.

– Ask yourself if the concept is applicable, interesting, if it is feasible.

– If not, then see what we want to search.

3.-Draw the product or Logo:

– Write down 10 taglines – as product labels or logos – or strata of De Bono.

– Question these taglines – product labels or logos.

4.-Take out again another idea from all this.

5.-See which media and channels are appropriate for these ideas.

– Write headlines.

6.-Go to places outside to see the idea and to think about it.

7.-Look in books, art, design, others.
8.-Establish deadlines.
9.-Present the work and learn from it.

– See if it is funny, what works, what does not work, what makes sense and what does not, what complicates it and what does not.

– Pay close attention to first reactions of people looking at the work, of the client or suppose client – look at all of their comments, of at least 5 people.

10.-If the idea does not feel right, go back to Conceptualization again.

Some Tools that you could use in the process:

– Have a list of ideas, headlines, words, adjectives, all this in stock for when you need them to create an Idea to be used.

– Have a list of funny things, humorous things for when they are needed.
– Draw strange caricatures, silly things and funny and strange things – Da Vinci.

– Use of detail, in lines, drawings, notes – the little things are the biggest things.

– Use feedback, reactions are valuable and indispensable.

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