Think with your Heart- from Personal Grow- Non Nova Sed Nove

You have to put a heart on it. You must open your heart. It is soft of heart. I speak with my heart in my hand. You were born without a heart in your chest. He broke her heart. I do not have  heart for that. Although I do not have wealth, I have a lot of heart. He has a very big heart. All these are expressions commonly used in some languages like Spanish and Italian, but let’s see what would happen if we said: We must put a brain. It must open the brain. It is soft brain. I speak with my brain in my hand. You were born without a brain. I broke her brain. I do not have the brain for that. Although I do not have wealth, I have a lot of brains. He has a very big brain. Obviously in this second edition the meaning of our message changes radically. It is unlikely that someone will say “this is the same as the sayings and songs of the heart”.

It is that when we affirm or write “think with the heart”, it seems that we are placing on the table a contradiction, since the correct thing would be to think with the brain and feel with the heart, but last investigations through measurement tools indicate that while People are centered in their heart, positive feelings produce a sense of tranquility and peace, related to the coherent frequencies of the heart. On the other hand, negative feelings increase tension and are related to the incoherent, chaotic or inharmonic frequencies of the heart.

It seems that the time is coming when the enlightened heart is the greatest gift, and the refined human brain is destined to be the good servant of the heart, not the opposite. Mothers of family think more with the heart than with the brain, they place their son next to the heart to speak to him, I have not seen a mother who places her son in the brain, in the head, to tell him something. Lions and tigers are butchers even of their own children, but the lioness and tigers mothers always try to save their puppies.

There is no doubt that the heart responds much better to joy than to sadness, to mercy than to contempt, to laughter, to tears, to a positive attitude to a negative one. In those investigations of which it spoke before it has been demonstrated that the heart sends more electrical activity than the brain, and even, it works like a central harmonizer of the cellular activity. All investigations have concluded that the heart has a unique code, capable of directing the mind, body and spirit. But this information has not reached much of the public.

It is said that in fact, from the heart could come evil desires, murders, adulteries, sexual immorality, thefts, lies, gossip, those are the things that make man impure, so that it is nothing new to discover that the heart can govern the body, mind and spirit. It was also said: Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be. Observe well, when speaking of the heart there is unity.

We already said that there is understanding, will and memory; We also said that there is instinct, intellect and intuition. All are activities of the brain and not the heart. As we advance in the theme we remember expressions such as “follow the dictates of the heart”, and that is that the heart can dictate us whole, good and bad, because it is the symbol of the feelings and the dwelling of the passions, determines acts without numbers from the sublime to the repugnant.

In the heart, liberalities and forgiveness are forged. The heart is determinant in almost all marriages, since it is love that influences and love is evidently a hunch, it does not matter that the brain requests a marriage between great, because there have been cases of renouncements to thrones, to kingdoms for love .

In testaments it is very important what the heart dictates because the testator, who also following these dictations, gives his inheritance to whom

that heart prefers; nothing influences the brain, but the heart, the same that moves us to criminal repentance and ignites the outburst of anger.

Faith, hope and charity are exercises to the fullest when exercised with the heart, if it is a positive fullness the exercise is positive and if it is negative, the exercise is negative.

We will dedicate a brief segment to the passions that also settle in the heart and come out of it. Needless to say, because of the passions we decrease, we lower ourselves and feel like a beetle, when those passions are bad, negative and low; but, when they are good, positive and high, they are a source of drive, courage and growth. That is why it is said that a person is passionate spirit, which means that he puts a lot of love and dedication in what he does.

The Liberator Simón Bolívar in South America was a man of passionate spirit, besides that by his date of birth he had a passionate character, which made him a great leader and deserving of one of the greatest titles that have been granted to be any, the one of Liberator.

Through the passions, good or bad, positive or negative, high or low, we are thinking with the heart, acting with the heart and we are in turn following the dictates of the heart, but the greatest thing of the heart is that it practices science of God: Charity, which is Divine Mercy.

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