Creativity and the genius in you


Genes do not predetermine differences of human talent and intelligence: both talent and intelligence can be developed over time.

To be frank, the limitations in achieving goals are not due to our inadequate genetic assets, but to our lack of skills or development of them.

We must recognize the virtues of constant practice and hard work. Many people attain extraordinary accomplishment through hard work and beyond the norm. They only have one thought in mind and always follow it. Greatness is not an ultimate goal rather a process.

With humility, hope and extraordinary determination, greatness is something any person of any age can aspire.

There is an explanation in the improvement of sports: athletes are training harder and smarter than before. They are doing better because they have a better understanding of the sport and evaluating how to improve each day. Just as this is valid in sports, it can be applied to other areas in life.

Talent is not an object; it is a process

The problem is not our unsuitable genetic assets, but our lack of skills, and our reluctance to improve on what we already have. Everyone has a potential, and many of us do not know it. However, even worse many do not take advantage of their mistakes to grow and improve, which eventually pays off.

We cannot say that all human beings have to be creative or geniuses or that everyone has the same potential. On the other hand, we cannot saythat genes and genetics cannot strongly influence who we are and whatwe can be. Genes matter and the genetic differences may result in differenttraits, but in the final analysis, each of us is a dynamic system, a developing creature. Genetic influence is not predetermined; but on the contrary, that isa dynamic process, which could improve.


The model and its variables

The new dynamic model is:

G x A where: G is Genetic and A: is Environment

There is an interaction in the new order where environment plays an important role. All that we are from the moment of our conception is the result of a process.

The result depends on the process. Development is like chemistry, it depends on the ingredients and qualities and the process itself.

The new Model G x A is a much more dynamic process, where all thevariables dynamically influence each other.

From the moment of our conception, our temperament, intelligence and talents are subject to a process of development. The G x A Dynamic Model takes a critical role in everything, your manners, character, health, lifestyle, social life and work.

We need to replace the ideas of nurture and nature of the Human Talent with Development of the Dynamic Process. Let us think, what did the VenezuelanCarl Herrera do to finish with two NBA rings? On the other hand, MichaelJordan got six NBA rings. How did Gustavo Dudamel become a leading conductor of international orchestras? and what drove Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart considered one of the most celebrated and creative musicians in history?. It was a dynamic process. How did Leonardo Da Vinci develop into an artist, engineer, inventor, anatomist and botanist without precedent? It was a dynamic process.

Dynamic process is the new paradigm in a lifestyle of talent and well-being. It is the reason that human biology is full of potential, nonspecific orprecisely built with instructions for each person, but built with variables andinfinite capacities for different types of people and lives. No one is geneticallydestined to mediocrity.

The human brain has its particular plasticity quality as well as ability to be built over time, and as we will demand. Plasticity does not necessarily mean that we are all born with exactly the same potential. Of course not. No skill isfixed and plasticity determines that any individual can develop their own skillsat any age, without age limitations.

Intelligence quotient (IQ) may change dramatically because of: environment change, family environment changes, work environment, historic environment, family teaching style and parenting; and even more with changes in levels of learning and study.

Nowadays, we are using much more abstraction and hypothesis than ourancestors did, who were anchored to everyday reality. Since the fifties, wehave become more skilled and capable, and have learned rules to solve problems.

During the twentieth century, the basic principles of science graduallyinfiltrated the public consciousness, transforming the world we live in, andrepresenting nothing less than liberation of the human mind.

Scientific methods and the point of view of the Scientific world with itsvocabulary, taxonomy and logic and hypothesis had begun to permeate the minds of the postindustrial generation.

Most people with a certain degree of intellect tend to remain equivalently equal as they become older. Biology does not establish the economic, social or academic ranking; no individual is destined to remain in its original ranking. This may change; every human being can grow, become more intelligent and cunning if the environment demands it.

Now we know better. The best genetic factor does not operate independently of the environment factor, they interact with each other.When the positive atmosphere is triggered through the affirmative influenceof parents, the possibilities are huge, affecting the genes and lives of children.

A radical new concept of talent is to see talent not as the cause but the result of something. It does not create the process but it is the result of it.

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